Create Old Navy E Services Account

Create Old Navy E Services Account

OLD NAVY card offers different services to its users. Users can manage their account and enjoy the following facilities:

To create an old navy E services account, the user has to follow steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the website and Click on Register button under the New Users title.
  2. There are five steps to register an old navy card account:
  • Begin
  • Validate
  • Select security
  • Select image
  • Account summary

3. Enter your 16-digit account number to start the procedure and click on Continue button.

4. The system will check the entered number against the database of all old navy account numbers. If the account number is present in the database of records, system will take the user to the next step. If the account number is not valid, system will display the following error:

The account number you provided does not match our records. Please re-enter.

5. Next step would be validation of the user’s account. The system would check user provided information against the information present in the database of account numbers.

6. User has an option of selecting security level for his account in the Select Security step.

7. User can set a picture for his account by selecting an image from his own gallery in the Select image step

8. At the end of this procedure, system displays an account summary for the user indicating that registration process is completed and the account is ready to be used.

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