Access West Virgina Regional Jail To Check Daily Admission

Access West Virgina Regional Jail To Check Daily Admission

West Virginia Regional Jail & Correction Facility Authority provides an online platform for the members of public to get the information which is managed by the authority. It includes the daily admission information like the details of inmates which are entered to get the facility operated by the authority. You can check the inmate list by selecting the jail. It provides the useful information for people who are looking for a WVRJA inmate search. You can check the basic details of the inmates, which are admitted to jail on the daily basis. Go through the given stepwise guides to check the details of inmates.

What Is The Procedure To Check The Daily Admission At West Virgina Regional Jail?

Follow the given set of instructions to get the details of daily admission in West Virginia Regional Jail:

  • You have to input the given URL  in the search bar of the web browser to access the website.
  • As you get access to the home page of the website, then you have to scroll down and get the tab which is labeled as “Daily Incarcerations” located exactly below heading of “Inmate Search.”
  • By clicking on the option, you will be taken to a new webpage where you will be shown complete terms & conditions of the website.
  • Go through them carefully and then scroll own the page and hit the check box of “I Agree” to show your agreement with the policy of the company.
  • You will get the summary of daily incarceration. Now you are supposed to hit on the option of jail in which you are interested in checking the daily admission.
  • By clicking on desired option, you will get the list of names of inmates which admitted in the jail on that date.
  • Click on the link of “View Detail” and get the complete details of the inmate.
  • For more details and queries you can visit the online support page of the website and get assistance.

What Type Of Details Will I Get As A Detail Of Inmate In Daily Admission Search?

You will get the following details about inmate in daily admissions of West Virginia Regional Jail:

  • Full name, weight, gender, and height of the admitted inmate.
  • Dates of Birth of the inmate will also be mentioned on the form.
  • Booking Dates, imprisonment statuses and facilities of the inmate will also specified on the detail form.
  • Likewise, you can also check the details of the court and location of issuing agency for every inmate.
  • Similarly, if there is some bail amount, then it will also be written along the details in the form.

How Can I Contact The West Virginia Regional Central Jail?

You can communicate with the West Virginia Regional Jail Authority by contacting at the given help number 304-5582-110 and then get the required details from the internal affairs dealer via call.

What Are The Working Hours Of This Daily Admission Service?

You can check the record at any time of the day as it is an online service and it is  updated after the addition of new inmates in the jail. So you can avail this service throughout the day.

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