File For A Week Of Unemployment Benefits

File For A Week Of Unemployment Benefits

Oregon employment Department, founded in 1993, supports business by creating innovation solutions to provide employment solutions in a business environment. It provides services to job seekers, employers, claimants and business firms. This company holds the responsibility for commitment and accountability of the actions that it takes thus building trust and integrity in its business relationships. This firm has 47 offices across the state to help workers find suitable jobs and business firms find suitable applicants according to their demand.

Follow the steps mentioned as under:

  1. Open the link
  2. Find the window pane with headline Welcome to the Employment Department. Under the subtitle “Support business & promote employment”, the first link states File for unemployment benefits. Click on this link.
  3. Browser will open this link in a new tab. You can select the claim that you want to file from the following options. Description of each claim is given in from of its name on the website.
  • Claim a week of benefits
  • View status of weekly report
  • Restart your claim
  • File your new claim
  • Change your address
  • Status of your claim
  • Electronic deposit
  • Change/ reset PIN
  • Make a payment

Click on the first option “Claim a week of benefits”.

  1. Next page displays all the terms to file this claim. Read the terms carefully and click on Continue if you agree. You can check or uncheck “Do not display my SSN” statement according to your requirement.
  2. Enter your SSN (Social security Number) and follow the 5 steps of your information accordingly to file the claim.

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