Join Speedy Rewards & Earn Membership Perks

Join Speedy Rewards & Earn Membership Perks

If you are looking for something in high quality with the great prices, you are at right place. The easiest way to get rewarded is to join Speedy Rewards. Become a member and start grabbing the membership benefits and perks.

Speedy Rewards: With your rewards account you can get free offers to save big on free items. You need a rewards card to earn points for every dollar you spent. Collect points and redeem them towards free things. Register your card today to enjoy the benefits.

Credit Card: Your card will earn points for you every time you use your card for eligible purchases. Members will also earn loyalty points.

Debit Card: Pick up your reloadable prepaid card? which is always there for you. Use your card to pay bills online and enjoy the freedom to make purchases anywhere MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards are accepted.

Manage Points On-The-Go: get the convenience in the palm of your hand. Keep all your digital cards and coupons in one place, redeem your digital coupons and receive in-app messages for rewards and updates.

  • Access the link that is Speedyrewards.comfrom your web browser to access the rewards account.
  • You will see a button stated “Create Your Account,” click it to proceed.
  • Sign into your Google+ account to quickly fill out your profile.
  • Enter your first name.
  • Type your email address.
  • Create digital PIN number. You can use minimum four and maximum eight characters.
  • Confirm your PIN.
  • Identify whether you have a rewards card or not.
  • Select “Yes” and provide your card number.
  • If you do not have a rewards card, then enter your digital alternate ID number.
  • Read terms and conditions and give your consent to all points and verify that you are at least 13 years of age.
  • Subscribe to receive any additional offers or savings by mail or email.
  • Complete the action to confirm you are a human being and not a robot.

Already Have a Profile:

  • Hover over the right-hand side corner of the web page and select “Log In” option.
  • Input your email address.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Press “Login” button.

How Do Rewards Work?

Earn Points:

  • Earning is easy with speedy rewards. You will get collect 20 points per dollar in-store and 10 points per gallon in the pump.

Redeem For Rewards:

  • Use your points to get your favorite stuff for free. Members will receive coupons for your favorite items. Save your points in your account and to shop at online stores.
  • Start earning points instantly in-store or at the pump with your membership on daily purchases.
  • Show your printed or digital or coupon at checkout to get free items.


Redeem your available points with the mobile app.

  • Click “Here” to download on the app store.
  • Click “Here” to get it on Google play.

Grab Monthly?Perks:

  • First, choose your Monthly Perk on your account online or using the app.
  • Use your membership card to make a qualifying purchase to get the Perk.
  • Once done, your reward is automatically applied to your account.

Join today! It’s free. Don’t miss the deal and don’t forget to check back each month for new offers and promotions.

Members are getting free stuff every minute! Be a part and take a look at what Speedy Rewards are available for you.

Members can also:

  • View club statuses
  • Keep track of points
  • Be the first to know about upcoming
  • Follow latest bonus point offers
  • Check out redemption items
  • Get a chance to grab sweepstakes prizes.

Contact Information:

If you want to get more information or need help, call at1-800-643-1948 and talk to representatives for general queries. If you need help regarding your credit card account, you can call at 1-800-428-4016.


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