Activate Panera Card Online

Activate Panera Card Online

Panera Bread is chain of cafes in Canada and United States. It deals with variety of fresh baked products like cakes, breads, soups, cookies, sandwich and much more. My Panera Card is the value card issued by store which you can load by the lonesome amount and then enjoy the shopping from this card on the basis of amount deposited on the card. You can reload the card if deposited amount is finished through internet. But firstly on getting the card you are supposed to activate the card by following the given steps.

What Is The Complete Procedure To Activate Panera Card Online?


  • User must have the internet access.
  • User require the operating system.
  • User need to have purchase something from the Panera Cafe.
  • User should have the My Panera Card with him.

Set Of Instructions:

  • In order to get registered with My Panera you are supposed to open the website of company by accessing the link mentioned as
  • In the next step on opening the home page of the website you need to locate the tab of “Register My Card”
  • Now you have to give an indication that you are having My Panera Card and want to activate it.
  • Click on the button of “Continue” to move next.
  • Give the card number in the given field followed by entering your registration code. You can easily get these codes on back side of your Panera Card.
  • Card number is printed on the bottom left side of the card. Click the button labeled as “Continue”.
  • Provide your billing details and the account preferences in the given blanks.
  • On completing the above steps you will informed that your card is activated.

If you are having any sort of query or want some details then visit the help line or FAQs of My Panera available at the official website.

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