Discover Lowe’s Credit Card Services

Discover Lowe’s Credit Card Services

Lowe’s offers you perfect credit cards for your home improvement needs or business requirements. Apply now and start savings on everyday purchases or finance large projects.

Lowe’s Consumer Card: through consumer credit card you can get 5% off every day or select special financing offers. All you need is to scan the card or provide the telephone number associated with the account at the counter whenever you make purchases in the store.

My Account: Register your account to view your complete purchase history online.


  • Social Security number
  • Income information
  • Credit history and credit scores
  • Account balances and
  • Payment history

Get Started!

  • Go to link from your web browser.
  • To apply for your card, hit the “Apply Now” button to continue.
  • Pick up your card from available options.
  • Enter your information in the online form.
  • Start with your personal information.
  • You need to leave your name. Enter your name, last name and middle initial.
  • Enter your address line 1, address line 2, city name and state.
  • Type your ZIP code.
  • Provide your phone number.
  • Select your type.
  • Provide your ZIP code.
  • Enter your primary phone number and choose the type.
  • Indicate the additional phone number.
  • Leave your current email address. You will get emails about new offers.
  • Indicate your annual net income you earn from all sources.
  • Provide the length of time in years at the current address.
  • Click the down to choose the preference for delivery statements.
  • Enter verification information with the date of birth, social security number and mother’s median name.
  • Read information about card security.
  • Review the agreement conditions carefully.
  • Click the “Accept & Submit” button.

Manage Credit Account:

  • Click “Here” to access the required web page.
  • Pay your Bill:
  • Returning Customer:
  • Sign into your account by indicating your card from given choices.
  • You have to provide your user ID.
  • Hit “Sign In” button.
  • You need to provide the password next.

Forgot ID:

  • Click the “Look Up My User ID” link.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Provide last four digits of social security number for the society of your account and prevent the unauthorized access to your account information.
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Follow the steps to complete the action.

Forgot Password:

  • Enter your user ID and select “Sign In” button.
  • You can look up your password on next screen.

Account Registration:

  • Indicate your card and hit the “Register & Activate” blue button.
  • Fill out the account registration form.
  • Provide your account number. The required code is located on the front of your credit card.
  • Hit the “Next” button.
  • Information validation information.
  • Create your ID and password for your account.
  • Select security preferences and keep your account secure and prevent from unauthorized access.
  • Choose an image and submit your application.

Why Register Online?

Register for an account for free and pay your bill with ease and manage your credit account online within few clicks.


  • Select the “Activate Card” link to continue.
  • Card member login: enter your user ID and hit the “Login” button.
  • New to online serving: hit the “Register & Activate” button.
  • Complete the action and activate your card for immediate use.

Need Help?

You can contact the customer service center by calling at 1-800-445-6937.


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