Join Hilton Team Member Travel Program

Join Hilton Team Member Travel Program

Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a leading chain of hotels and resorts with more than 500 hotels and above 70 resorts all over the world. This chain of hotels and resorts provide a 24 hour day and 7 days a week service in order to ensure the comfort of its customers. The aim of this industry is to facilitate its customers with best living environment and best experience in a hotel. It also aims to provide a home like environment by maintaining the level of comfort that it provides from the very beginning.


You can sign up as a team member to enjoy the travel program on discount rates. This offer is given to Hilton customers in order for them to enjoy their vacations as a team. The process for this registration is as follows:

  1. Go to the website you can join this program by following 5 steps.
  2. First step is to specify the location where you work. Save this information in order to save yourself the trouble of specifying it every time you open this website.
  3. Search for the hotels at locations where you want to go. You have to make a reservation 2 weeks before checking in to a Hilton hotel or resort and 1 week before checking in to the Hilton Suites.
  4. From the list of hotels that appear in your search results, select the hotel that best suits your needs. Make sure that hotel is available during the time in which you want to make the reservations. You can also view different hotel options to have a look at the discount that Hilton offers. This may vary from one hotel to another.
  5. Select the available room from the database of available options and make a reservation in the room of your own choice.
  6. Make sure that you have a passport approved by Human Resources Department.

For any help regarding the trip reservation, contact the Hilton official staff or visit online portal to know more details on different topics.

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