Access Corrlinks And E-Mail The Federal Prisoners Without Spending Any Money

Access Corrlinks And E-Mail The Federal Prisoners Without Spending Any Money

The Bureau of Prisons is using Corrlinks, an email system that permits those who are outside to interact with the federal intimates in a lawful manner. To use this email system, you, the outsiders don’t need to pay anything, but the federal intimates. However, the outsiders can also pay little to register for the premier account, but this is not necessarily needed. So, it’s a quite handy program for those who want to talk to their loved ones who are federal intimates.

How To Use This Program?

This interaction system that is going to happen between you, the outsiders and the federal intimates are going to occur once both of you are subscribed to the Corrlinks services. So, if you wish to keep in touch with your loved ones, the federal intimates, then you need first to create your Corrlinks account at their official website.

How To Build A Corrlinks Account?

This isn’t at all a difficult or lengthy process, and all you need is to get your personal computer connected to the internet, and then follow the following simple steps:

  • Access the official Corrlinks website
  • Now, you are at their official page where you will see three different options, such as “Login>>,” “Register>>”, and “Proceed>>”.
  • Because you have come here for the first time and don’t have a registered account, so click the button, “Register>>” that is your target here.
  • They will process your request for a while, and then take you to a new Sign Up page.
  • On the Sign Up page, you are required to fill the fields such as first name, last name, email address, passwords, etc. If you have received any invitation email, then you should also write the “identification code” that was delivered to you via that invitation email.
  • Check the terms & conditions, and then click the “Next>>” button.
  • As soon as you hit the “Next>>” button, they will send a verification email to your provided email address.
  • Go to your email account and open the sent link. Sometimes, it can go in the spam folder, so check that too, if you don’t find it in the inbox.
  • Open the email, and then click the verification link to verify your account.
  • Now, provide the additional information such as your complete address, country, state, zip code, and phone numbers. After filling up the details, click “Next>>” button again.
  • Now you are at the official Corrlinks account page, and there, you will see a “Mailbox” option. By using that mailbox, you can either create new emails or receive the ones that are sent by you’re the federal intimate.

This Registration Is A One-Time Process:

So, this was how you should create your Corrlinks account. It is advised to set a strong password that no one can guess, and if you forget your set password, then you can also request them a new password. They will ask the necessary security questions and send a password reset link to your provided email address from where you can set a new password.

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